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      Second phase of the refurbishment of the Tortosa bus station.

      Calle Rosa Maria Molas regains the sense of traffic with the second phase of the works at the bus station.

      This January, the Direcció General de Transports i Mobilitat of the Generalitat de Catalunya, begins theexpected reforms of the bus station of Tortosa.

      These works consist of implementing improvements in the waiting room and reforming the services of the station. Electric doors will be installed in the access to theuser area, the pavement of the platforms will bereplaced the platforms of the station, the replacement of drainage elements, the improvement of urban furniture and the updating of signage.

      Work will begin during the first week of January andare expected to last between 3 and 4 months.

      During this period of time an alternative mobility plan is planned with departures and arrivals on temporary platforms in the sidestreets of the station and in a part of it, since the works will be carried out in two phases.

      We inform of the provisionals stops.

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